Pros and Cons of Hiring an Inexpensive Limo Service

If you travel for business or pleasure often, you might be wondering if hiring a limo is a good alternative to the transportation you typically use. You no doubt have the option to either hail a taxi at the airport or to get your around town after you arrive.

Additionally, with the rise of ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft, you may be considering just using your smartphone to call for a ride on demand.

Finally, renting a car is popular, especially if you’re going to be in town for more than a few days. Yet, limo service has some unique benefits that you may not have considered. Therefore, to help you learn more, let’s examine the pros and cons of hiring an inexpensive limo service in more detail below.


The Drawbacks


It May Cost a Bit More.

You might assume that limo service will be far more expensive than the other transportation choices just listed, but that is often not the case. While this depends upon the city, the distance to your destination and how many hours or days you need the service for, the rates can be quite reasonable. However, you should expect to pay somewhat more than discount options like Uber, so if cost is your only factor than limo service may not be a good fit.

It May Turn Heads.

If you don’t like people to know when you’ve arrived, then limo service may not be for you. Why? People tend to notice when a limo pulls up, whereas an unremarkable rental car won’t be worth noting. While some people don’t like the added attention, most limo service customers find that this mode of transportation makes a statement. In contrast, if you’re going to an important business meeting or sales presentation, arriving in a run-of-the-mill bargain taxi or rented economy car doesn’t make a memorable first impression.


The Benefits

A First Class Experience.

Clients who opt for limo service often don’t mind paying a bit more compared to a taxi, Uber or car rental. They’re more concerned with having the first class experience which a limo ride can deliver. Consider that you’ll be met by a well-dressed, professional driver who isn’t interested in taking you the long way around to pad their fare or playing loud music during your ride.

You’ll also enjoy the luxurious interior, superior legroom and a selection of beverages while en route to your destination. In addition, limousines offer privacy from the peering eyes of other drivers, which is a nice perk in a busy city. The partition also allows for a quiet and secluded space for you to make private phone calls, whether personal or for business. Many riders find that they can conduct business while riding, an option that would likely be difficult in a cab, Uber or Lyft. This ability to make the most of your riding time alone can pay for the difference in price.

Much More Relaxing.

With the superior riding experience comes relaxation, which is important to many clients. This affords them the chance to unwind from a stressful flight, or to prepare for a meeting or presentation that they are on the way to attend. Further, knowing that your driver is a professional with the appropriate background checks and good driving record, gives you peace of mind. After all, most people have had the unenviable experience of riding in a cab with a driver who was operating their vehicle in a dangerous or alarming manner. Your limousine ride will be a welcome contrast, leaving you refreshed when you arrive at your destination.

It May Cost Less Than You Think.

An inexpensive limo service can often be quite reasonable, especially once you factor in additional fees that go along with some other choices. For instance, if you rent a car in a big city, you’ll often have to pay to park it. Uber has surge pricing, which raises the rates for rides during times of high demand. This can be significant, as the price can sometimes go up by as much as a factor of four. With these additional fees considered into the overall price, limo service may be more economical than you think. 


Perhaps the most compelling benefit of hiring an inexpensive limo service is that your driver will be waiting for you – not the other way around. Hailing a taxi requires that you wait on the street corner for one to pass by or in a line at the airport, which may take longer than you’d like. You also have to stand out in the weather, which is an unattractive prospect if it is cold or rainy. While an Uber gives you a bit more idea when it will arrive, you may have to wait quite awhile for a ride during busy times (like a Friday night). Yet, having limo service means that your driver will be waiting to meet you – eliminating wasted time, frustration and standing out in the cold.

After looking at the pros and cons of hiring an inexpensive limo service, it’s clear that it has many advantages. With all of the benefits which limousine service has to offer and the minimal drawbacks, you may want to consider this type of transportation for your next trip. It will afford you the chance to travel in first class luxury – providing privacy, relaxation and a level of professional service not available with other choices. This makes it a compelling alternative, and you’ll likely wish that you had chosen to ride with a limo service sooner.

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