Why Tour Brookline? The Best Way to Tour Brookline

Brookline is a town located in Norfolk County, Massachusetts. Brookline is famous for many things. For instance, Brookline happens to be the birthplace and hometown of the 35th U.S. President, John F. Kennedy. Brookline also has many attractions ranging from retail districts to sporting clubs, parks, theaters, name it! Before looking at the best way to tour Brookline, it’s important to discuss why you would want to tour Brookline in the first place.

Top attractions in Brookline

1. Coolidge Corner

Located at the Harvard Street and Beacon Street crossing, the Coolidge Corner is one of two main primary retail Image result for Coolidge Cornerdistricts in Brookline. The Coolidge Corner is a popular destination for individuals interested in visiting retail establishments to shop. Besides shopping, the corner also has historical significance. For instance, the corner houses the S.S. Pierce Building as well as a theater (Coolidge Corner Theatre) which has cultural and historical significance to the town and the U.S. at large given the fact that it houses the most prominent and independently operated movie theaters.


Image result for the country club brookline2. The Country Club

Brookline also has an exclusive sporting club popular among golfers. The Country Club has hosted some of the biggest golfing events in the U.S. like the Ryder Cup as well as the U.S. Open. The Country Club is also among the clubs that form the headquarters of the U.S. Golf Association.


3. FairstedImage result for Fairsted

This is another popular destination if you find yourself in Brookline. This 100+ year business headquarters is a site to behold. Fairsted is set on 7 acres and doubles up as a National Historic site. There are many other historic sites such as; John F. Kennedy’s birthplace.

4. Parks and theaters

Brookline also has parks such as the Larz Anderson Park which is home to the oldest car collection in the U.S. The town is also home to the Puppet Showplace Theater, the oldest puppet theaters in the U.S.

Brookline has much more to offer including a vibrant nightlife.

Best way to tour Brookline

1. By limousine

If you’re visiting Brookline to have the time of your life, you should consider touring the town in a limo. Brookline limo tours offer unmatched luxury and comfort. They will also save you precious time provided you choose the most reputable Brookline limo tour company. Reputable limo tour companies in Brookline know all there is to know about the town. They can take you to every corner. You also get unique access to areas where regular visitors dream to visit. Reputable limo tour companies also offer you unmatched flexibility and luxury. The companies have limos fitted with the most luxurious amenities. Your safety and security is also taken care off when you choose a reputable limo company. If you are visiting Brookline to have the time of your life, the best way to tour is by limo.

2. By train

If you don’t want to tour Brookline using a limousine for whatever reason, you can use the train. Brookline has a green line light rail system with three main branches. The C-line travels from Boston to main stops such as Coolidge Corner. The D-line also gives you access to many areas in Brookline such as the Brookline Village which is home to countless restaurants. The B line is not the best for touring Brookline since it doesn’t enter the town. If you are interested in touring Brookline via train in the shortest time possible, consider choosing the D-line. This line is faster considering it has fewer stops than the two other lines. Using a train is the best way to tour Brookline when you want to spend less. It costs $2.50 both inbound and outbound. It can cost less if you have a “Charlie Card”.

It’s, however, worth noting that using a train to tour Brookline comes with some cons. For instance, trains are usually busy during rush hours. They also come with other problems associated with using public transport such as discomfort and security risks.

Brookline is a great town to tour because there are many attractions. Limo tours are the best because they offer unmatched luxury, comfort, and style. You also get many other perks when you choose to tour with a reputable limo tour company in Brookline. You can use the train or bus. However, you stand to suffer the inconveniences and risks associated with using public transport. Furthermore, there is nothing amazing about using public transport when touring a town.

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